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SCI’s Mid-Atlantic Bowhunters Chapter is an active group of Sportsmen and women who embrace hunting as a key to effective wildlife conservation

MABC was founded by a group of passionate bowhunters who blazed new trails and helped further bowhunting’s place in SCI and the mainstream hunting world.  With hunting firmly in our DNA we continue to embrace all sportsmen and women who share our passion and have evolved into a true “multiple-method” chapter.

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Today, we are proud  to be a true multiple hunting methods chapter.  Our members enjoy the now widely-accepted use of bows, crossbows, and muzzleloaders in addition to long-guns. But it wasn’t always that way. Even at the turn of the 21st century bowhunters struggled for support from outfitters and  hunting organizations. Most outfitters did not understand what the sport required and wanted to avoid any modifications to how they conducted operations. As a result, in 2008 SCI’s Mid-Atlantic Bowhunters Chapter was formed.

Around the same time, there began an “all out push” from a broader group within SCI to promote bowhunting. This, combined with the explosion of vastly more effective bowhunting equipment and the growing number of outdoor shows to market them, caused the hunting world to take notice. We are proud to have supported bowhunting early on and pleased that it now has a firm foothold on the map in the mainstream market.

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