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4-H Shooting Sports

Shooting SportsThe 4-H Shooting Education program uses shooting as a vehicle to help young people ages 9 to 19 develop life skills such as discipline, responsibility, and leadership.  The following shooting disciplines are offered to teach 4-H members these life skills:






Through these disciplines, youth learn firearm safety and basic marksmanship fundamentals.

Suburban Whitetail Management

SWMNV provides a FREE service to area property owners experiencing problems with the expanding whitetail deer herd. We deploy highly qualified hunters using modern archery equipment.  Utilizing portable tree stands hunting is performed from a safe, elevated position, shooting downward, at an average range of 20 yards.  An arrow tipped with a razor sharp broadhead, launched from a modern compound bow, can pass through a deer and bring a swift, painless death.  Similar Whitetail deer management techniques have been used in our area with Great Success.  Although Virginia Law strongly supports the property owner, SWMNV has insurance providing liability coverage for each member hunter and host property owner.

Suburban Whitetail

Hunters for Hungry

Hunters for the HungryHunters for the Hungry operates by solicitation of successful hunters to donate venison. The deer are accepted by professional meat cutters who process (cut, wrap, and freeze) the venison. The meat is provided at no cost and is distributed by foodbanks and other 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organizations feeding Virginia’s needy. We are not supported by any state funds nor are we a United Way Agency.

Funds are raised to cover the cost of processing, distribution, and the overhead expenses of operation (less than 20% of total expenses). Financial support is currently the limiting factor.

The simplicity of the program makes it not only easy to understand but also practical to operate. Hunters, all volunteers, do the work of providing the food. Processors inspect, cut, wrap, and freeze the meat (most charge us a fee reduced from normal rates). The venison is distributed through agencies already equipped for and in the business of feeding the needy. The food provided is a quality high protein, low-fat item not normally available.


AWLSNestled in the beautiful Bridger-Teton National Forest near Jackson, Wyoming, AWLS provides the perfect atmosphere for the accredited educational programs. Established in 1976 with the vision of providing educators with a useful hands-on experience that they can use in the classroom, AWLS has provided a credited wildlife management program for5,324 teachers who reach more than a million students annually, and fun, challenging experiences for 1,318 students.

Freedom Hunters

Freedom Hunters is a Military Outreach program dedicated to honoring those who protect our Freedoms. Our mission is to salute the noble work of our courageous men and women of our Armed Forces.  Freedom Hunters reflects the outdoor community’s appreciation to our troops by taking: select active duty and combat veterans, families of fallen heroes, children of the deployed, as well as those wounded or injured, on outdoor adventures. Freedom Hunters mission is empowered by the generous support of many: sportsmen, conservation groups, state agencies, outfitters, corporations, and land owners.


Operation Second Chance – Operation NPLB

NPLB LogoThe NPLB program is about much more than showing disabled veterans they can still enjoy hunting and fishing. Giving our veterans an opportunity to share their wartime experience with those who have been there before enables veterans to promote healing within their own ranks just like taking care of a buddy on the battlefield. Operation Second Chance’s Operation NPLB program empowers disabled veterans to break away from the perceived frailty of their injuries.

Operation NPLB helps wounded warriors heal the emotional wounds in a way that many warriors understand and appreciate. Our biggest objective is to show our returning warriors that they are loved, appreciated, and honored. NPLB was founded by Americans that love this country for its founding values and its veterans for all they stand for. The sacrifices our veterans make will never be forgotten and OSC’s Operation NPLB will continue to do all we can to give back to the men and women of our Armed Forces.

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) is an outreach ministry of the people of God called upon to feed venison to the hungry among us nationwide.

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