President’s Message:

Hello Friends,

Safari Club International is about protecting and promoting our Hunting and Outdoors Heritage. The pursuits of Hunting, Camping, Shooting Sports, Fishing and all the activities we outdoors men and women cherish so much. Each year the Mid-Atlantic Bowhunters Chapter of SCI holds a fundraiser banquet. The purpose of this event is to raise money that we use to fund activities and organizations dedicated to protecting and promoting the outdoors. On February 24th we will again hold our delightful annual banquet, I am sure it will be as enjoyable and productive as our previous successful fundraisers. Many thanks to the dedicated people in the chapter, like our banquet chair Cindy Hickerson, and to all of the board members and volunteers who are supporting this event.  These great people are the reason our membership is growing so rapidly and why this is one of the most successful, positive, and friendliest Chapters in the country.

Some of our goals are to provide funding for a local youth shooting sports program, support a disabled veterans hunting organization, continue supporting the Suburban Whitetail Management Organization and send another local teacher to the SCI American Wilderness Leadership School to learn about the outdoors, wildlife conservation and the importance of our hunting heritage. These teachers carry this message back to their classroom and share the message with their coworkers and students alike. Additionally, we will continue to provide funding to the Hunters for the Hungry program. This year we accomplished our mission in each area, we also had a lot of fun performing our missions, and had many enjoyable well attended activities for our Members.

Although our chapter is relatively young, we have established ourselves as one of the premier chapters within SCI, and of course all ethical Hunters and Outdoors people are welcome.  If you have questions or interests in anything from Antelope to Zebra, or Alaska to Zimbabwe, come to one of our events and I can almost guarantee we will have someone there who can discuss your interests with you and answer your questions.

On a National and International level, we like to refer to SCI like this: SCI is to Hunting, what the NRA is to our Gun Rights! No other organization fights to protect our hunting rights like SCI does – Taking the Fight straight to the doorstep of the Anti-Hunters.

If you feel as strongly about hunting, protecting the right to do so, conservation, associating with like minded sportspeople, and doing good while having fun as we do, join us and become a member of this prestigious organization.



Good Hunting,

Jeff Gould

SCI Mid-Atlantic Bowhunters Chapter

Congratultions to the 2017-2018 Board of Directors Elected at our Annual Member Meeting.  We appreciate all of the hard work they do!  But the chapter is growing and we need everyone to participate.

There are jobs and committee positions available for every member, please let any Board Member know where you would like too help!

2017-2018 MABC-SCI Officers and Board Members

President Jeff Gould

Vice President Brian Vanderhoof

Secretary Lori Patterson

Treasurer/SCI Liaison Karen Johnson

Banquet Coordinator  Cindy Hickerson

Board Member  Lorin Patterson

Board Member Chip Johnson

Board Member Jim Hickerson

Board Member Ken Sardegna

Board Member Bruce McKimmey

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