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After our Record Setting Mid-Atlantic Bowhunters Chapter banquet in 2016 we are now preparing and registering for our 2017 event. The proceeds raised go to protecting our passion of hunting, and for doing impactful education, conservation, and humanitarian projects. We appreciate our outfitters who donate amazing hunts. We thank our members and attendees for buying these exciting hunts. We honor our Wounded Warriors who serve and protect and we thank you!  We look forward to seeing you February 25, 2017!

As a Special Bonus Every Attendee at Our 2017 Banquet willReceive a VIP Invitation and Special Discounts to a Preopening Reception at the new Cabelas in Gainesville, VA


Mission Statement

Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.

  • Providing value to members by shaping policies and legislation that protect the freedom to hunt locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Keeping members informed regarding issues that impact hunting while educating and entertaining members with engaging articles about the rich heritage of hunting in all forms of media.
  • Providing a community for hunters worldwide where camaraderie is enjoyed and expert information is exchanged, and where members are able to participate in a market for quality hunting goods and services.
  • Promoting a positive image of hunters and portraying them as responsible citizens who fund wildlife conservation, education and other programs which benefit the community.

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Protecting Hunting

Safari Club International is serious about protecting hunting freedoms.  In many ways, SCI is first in legislation, litigation and international advocacy for hunting.

  • SCI has its own lobbyists in Washington DC, in addition to a well-staffed office on Capitol Hill. SCI is a 501(c)(4) organization that has a connected PAC.
  • SCI regularly attends worldwide meetings, such as CITES, to speak up for hunting.
  • SCI provides strong support for grassroots chapters who work at the state and local level to preserve hunting freedom.
  • SCI partners with other organizations as well as federal and state agencies in litigation against anti-hunting initiatives.
  • SCI is a leader in hunter education and wildlife conservation, preserving wildlife for the next generation of hunters.

The Hunter’s Code of Ethics

Recognizing my responsibilities as a hunter, to wildlife, to the habitat necessary to its survival, and to the future generations, and accepting those principles of superior sportsmanship promulgated by Safari Club International, I pledge:
Mid-Atlantic Bowhunters

  • That I shall unfailingly conduct myself in the hunting fields so as to make a positive contribution to the welfare of both game and non-game species of wildlife, as well as to the ecosystems they occupy.
  • That I shall never cease to try to improve my personal skills in woodsmanship and marksmanship, to assure humane harvesting of wildlife surpluses and to avoid waste of those precious resources.
  • That I shall comply with all laws regulating wildlife harvest and shall accept my responsibility to provide all possible assistance to game-law enforcement officers.
  • That I shall always, by word and behavior, reflect only credit upon the great fraternity of sportsmen-hunters, and demonstrate my abiding respect for the game, for its habitat, for my fellow hunters and those who come after me, and for the property, whether private or public, whereupon I am privileged to hunt.
  • That I shall waste no opportunity to teach young people, by my personal example and otherwise, the full meaning and practice of this Hunter’s Code of Ethics.
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